Photograph by Ebti Nabag

Camille Turner is a media/performance artist and educator. She is the founder of Outerregion, a company producing intercultural exchanges and dialogue. Camille’s interventions, installations and public engagements have been presented throughout Canada and internationally. Her current focus is bringing hidden and erased histories to life through place-based explorations. HUSH HARBOUR and The Resistance of Peggy Pompadour are sonic walks that animate historic Toronto’s Black geographies.  TXTilecity, an award-winning educational app that maps the city of Toronto through its textile histories was created in partnership with Year Zero One and [murmur] and produced by the Textile Museum of Canada. TimeWarp is an Afrofuturist cellphone adventure included in Land/Slide: Possible Futures exhibition in which participants use their smartphones as a time machine to experience a past or future event. Her current project engages historians, archivists and citizen researchers interested in public memory to help recover the stories of enslaved people once owned by François Bâby a member of Upper Canada’s elite, who like many of his class, was a slave owner. Camille graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design and York University’s Masters in Environmental Studies program. She teaches Art, Culture and Community Building in the New One program at University of Toronto and creates experiential learning tools and workshops for educators.