Photograph by Yannick Anton

Informed by Yoruba Mythology and the geometric form, Oluseye fuses the human, the sculptural, and the traditional in his search for the archetypal balance between the spiritual and physical self. Combining acrylic, charcoal, pastel and steel wire, he embarks on an intersectional exploration of black male identity, existentialism, sexuality and outsider cultures. Inevitably, he stretches the boundaries of traditional Yoruba thought and iconography, placing it within a contemporary milieu that is inclusive of, but not limited to, cultural expression. His practice also includes expansive, photo-based, social installations which are often interactive and serve as an extension of current conversations on race and identity. Informed by popular culture narratives, complicated by the ideas of the “other”, and executed with an awareness of human-digitized tension, scarcity, and desirability, Oluseye’s work is inherently dynamic in its provocation of introspective and communal exploration.

Oluseye works between Toronto, Canada and Lagos, Nigeria.