Photograph by Dainesha Nugent-Palache

The BAU (Black Artist Union) Collective is an artist collective comprised of a variety of Black artists from different disciplines based in the GTA. The creation of the BAU came out of a need to create spaces wherein Black identity and culture could be centred and celebrated. BAU aims to assist in the movement and exhibition of artists and creators of the African diaspora. Our mission is to be a site of black creative unity, where Black artists can be unapologetically themselves and express themselves freely.

BAU consists of:
Aaron Jones, Curtia Wright, Destiny Grimm, Ekow Stone, Esmaa Mohamoud, Flimon Yohannes, Jega Delisca, Oreka James, Phillip Saunders, Sydné Barnes, Sylvia Limbana, Timothy Yanick Hunter and Zoma Tochi Maduekwe